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Garden Cosmos Yellow 100 Seeds

Garden Cosmos Yellow 100 Seeds

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Garden Kosmos is an exceptionally decorative annual plant. The variety presented in our store delights with bright, yellow flowers that rise on slender stems among feathery leaves. These delicately looking plants are extremely hardy and undemanding to grow. Their numerous plate-shaped flowers will decorate our garden from mid-summer to early autumn. This species is perfect for high beds, combining it with other summer-flowering species to create a beautiful flower meadow. The flowers of the obetka are also suitable as cut flowers.

In the spring, the Garden Kosmos seeds are sown directly to their permanent place. After emergence, we interrupt the seedlings so that the plants grow 30-40 cm apart. This species has low requirements as to the type of substrate, a medium-fertile, permeable substrate that maintains constant humidity well will be suitable. Plants do well in poor soils and in full sun.

This package contains about 100 seeds.

Cosmos bipinnatus
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