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Ivy Geranium Speedy Beautiful and Rare Flower 10 Seeds Mixed Colors

Ivy Geranium Speedy Beautiful and Rare Flower 10 Seeds Mixed Colors

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Ivy Geranium Speedy (Pellargonium peltatum F2 hybrids) creates cascades of abundant, cluster-like inflorescences, which makes it one of the most valuable and decorative balcony plants. Representatives of the proposed variety are characterized by a pendulous habit, and their long (up to 75 cm), slender shoots are stuck to hundreds of individual, charming flowers in an attractive mixture of colors (white, red, pink and purple in various shades) from May to October.Drooping Speedy mixed geranium seeds are sown in well-drained soil in early spring. Seedlings should be produced in an inspection, mini-pot or a moderately warm room, in pots covered with foil. For germination, the seed material requires constant air and substrate humidity and heat. Hardened seedlings can be transplanted into a hanging basket, large box, bowl or raised bed in the second half of May or later. Plants need access to the sun and fertile, regularly irrigated, well-drained soil - in such conditions, it guarantees a real storm of multi-colored flowers with high durability.

The package contains 10 seeds.

Pellargonium peltatum

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