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Leopard Plant - Ligularia - Palm Leaf Ligularia - Ligularia Yoshizoeana Palmatiloba - 50 Seeds

Leopard Plant - Ligularia - Palm Leaf Ligularia - Ligularia Yoshizoeana Palmatiloba - 50 Seeds

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Leopard Plant (Ligularia Yoshizoeana Palmatiloba)

The package contains 50 seeds with instructions for sowing and further breeding.

Leopard Plant is a rare type of tongue with magnificent, deeply indented, dark green leaves, up to 30 cm in diameter. Leopard Plant reaches 150 cm in height and forms round clumps. It looks particularly decorative in the summer, from July to September, when yellow-golden inflorescences with an orange center grow from the center of the plant. It is an undemanding plant, when looking for a place in the garden, choose a moist place with fertile soil, preferably a semi-shaded or shady place in the garden. Leopard Plant is an ideal proposition for all kinds of higher perennial beds as well as places around ponds. Leopard Plant is a completely frost-resistant perennial in northern climate.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round into containers or directly into the ground in autumn or early spring. Sow the seeds in the usual soil for gardening, then cover them with a delicate layer of soil. The sowing is watered (preferably by sprinkling the substrate with a sprinkler) and the pot is placed in a warm, bright place, when the seedlings are about 10 cm high, they can be planted into separate containers. Annual seedlings should be planted in late spring or early summer, the site should be slightly shaded and the substrate should be moist, it grows well on the shores of water reservoirs.

Pocket contains 50 seeds

Ligularia Yoshizoeana Palmatiloba


Palm Leaf Ligularia

Leopard Plant

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