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Organic BIO Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce 100 seeds

Organic BIO Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce 100 seeds

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Organic Salad Bowl leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. Foliosa) seeds come from organic farms, where they were produced in accordance with EU requirements, i.e. without the use of chemical plant protection products and artificial fertilizers.
As a result, vegetables grown from them are free of harmful compounds that can cause diseases and allergies.

Red Salad Bowl leaf lettuce creates loose rosettes made of decorative purple leaves. Its leaves are low in calories and very delicate in taste, and additionally rich in fiber, which facilitates digestion and valuable vitamins and minerals. Red Salad Bowl lettuce blends in well with salads, and can also be used to decorate platters and sandwiches.

Red Salad Bowl lettuce seeds are sown in early spring under cover. The seedling is ready to be planted permanently after about 5 weeks after sowing. Seedlings are planted 30 x 20 cm apart. Harvesting can be carried out successively until the end of summer. Lettuce yields best in sunny positions and on fertile, humus, sandy loam and fast-heating soils.

The package contains 0.5 g rams or around 100 seeds

Lactuca sativa
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