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10 grams Organic Broccoli Raab seeds for sprouts

10 grams Organic Broccoli Raab seeds for sprouts

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BIO Seeds for sprouts - Broccoli Raab is an excellent proposition for supporters of healthy nutrition.
Certified organic seeds obtained from traditional crops that do not use artificial fertilizers and chemical protection means will allow you to grow healthy and tasty sprouts at home. Fresh broccoli sprouts have a slightly spicy taste, they taste great as an ingredient in salads, sandwiches or additions to dishes. Their high nutritional value and strong anti-cancer effects are also very important.

Growing sprouts is very easy and can be carried out all year round at home, certainly everyone can handle it. Soak the broccoli seeds for sprouts for several hours in water, then place in a sprout or jar covered with gauze. Place the dish in a warm and bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Keep the humidity constant, that's why we pour the crop twice a day with water. Sprout growth does not last long after 3-5 days we can use them to prepare meals.

Each pack contains 10 g organic seeds for sprouts - Broccoli Raab - certified organic seeds.
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