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100% Cloves Whole Dried Herbs Spices 100 grams 3.5 OZ

100% Cloves Whole Dried Herbs Spices 100 grams 3.5 OZ

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Pure Cloves 100g ( 3.5 OZ )

✔ Product description Cloves can easily give a distinct flavour to various dishes. Cloves are often used to enhance the flavour of game, especially wild boar and hare.

✔ Ingredients Cloves

✔ Net weight 100 g ( 3.5 oz )

✔ Use They are used as an ingredient in many spice mixes, curries, spices and pickles. Cloves are also an ingredient in the famous Worcester sauce. In the autumn and winter period, they are perfect for warming teas, mulled wine or beer.

✔ Type of packaging The product is packed in thick doypack packaging with a string closure, sealed to keep it fresh. The string allows you to open and close the package multiple times. The packing method is presented in the pictorial photo at the auction.

✔ Storage method Store in a dry, cool place.

✔ Expiration dates All products have long shelf life, minimum 4 months from the date of purchase.

✔ Information about allergens The product may contain traces of products packed in the plant, incl. various nuts, sesame, soy, gluten-containing products.

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