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100% Cotton Hand Made Relaxation Yoga Mask LAVENDER

100% Cotton Hand Made Relaxation Yoga Mask LAVENDER

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Primary color
Eye Masks for yoga, meditation, relaxation and wellness that are 100% hand made.

Masks come with elastic band. If you prefer one without it please let me know while purchasing.

They are completely natural - both the material used (100% cotton) and the filling (flax seeds and lavender).
They completely cover not only the eyes, but also partially the surface of the forehead, nasal sinuses and cheeks, which prevents light from entering the eyes, thus allowing for complete silence, relaxation and regeneration.

AROMATHERAPY EYE RELAXER: the eye mask provides calming aroma-therapeutic benefits. Perfect for yoga, meditation, puffy eyes, relaxation, Spa, sleep aid, helping relieve stress, insomnia, migraines and headaches.

HOT THERAPY: Heat in the microwave for UP TO 30 seconds (Never Overheat) to help relieve sinus pain. Sprinkle a tiny bit of water on the inner bag before heating for dry eye

COLD THERAPY: Seal in a plastic bag and chill in the freezer about 1-2 hours to reduce swelling, headaches and migraines, soothe tired puffy eyes, and relieve stress and anxiety

DIMENTIONS: 8”x4.5” (11x21cm) Weight: approx. 120 g
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