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18-day Radish De dix-huit jours 300 seeds

18-day Radish De dix-huit jours 300 seeds

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18-day radish De dix-huit jours (Raphanus sativus) recommended for cultivation in soil and under cover. It is characterized by very fast growth, the thickening set harvest maturity 18 days after sowing. Thanks to the short vegetation period, it can be harvested throughout the spring and fall. A variety with longitudinal cylindrical beads. The flesh is white, very crunchy and has a mild taste. Radishes are covered with nicely stained skin, they are red and have white tips. The beads do not have a tendency to force inside, which is a big advantage of this variety. Very tasty, mild radishes will be a great addition to sandwiches, fresh salads and cottage cheese.Radishes are undemanding and very easy to grow. We grow them from sowing directly to the place where they are to grow. The presented seed was covered with special coatings. This provides the best conditions for seed germination and protects plants during emergence against infection by pathogens present in the soil. Seeds of radish are sown in early spring to enjoy tasty crops for a long time, we repeat sowing every 2 weeks, until the end of May. We sow radish for autumn harvest not earlier than at the end of August, because during the warm summer months it does not form lumps, but strikes the flower shoots. We grow it in rows 10-20 cm apart. Soil rich in humus and water, but well-drained, will be the best for its cultivation.

Each packet contains 300 seeds

Raphanus sativus

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