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30 g organic seeds for sprouts - Chickpeas

30 g organic seeds for sprouts - Chickpeas

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BIO Organic Seeds for sprouts - Chickpeas are a very valuable component of the daily diet.
Chickpea sprouts are a great source of carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, C and E. They also contain large amounts of calcium, iron and zinc. They can be served raw or stewed, they taste great with turmeric and ginger. You can sprinkle them on sandwiches, add them to salads, pastes, stewed meat or vegetables. Certified organic seeds available in our store were produced by traditional methods without the use of chemical protection agents and fertilizers.

Everyone can grow chickpeas in their own home. Cultivation can be carried out all year round in a warm and bright room. Soak chickpea seeds in water for several hours, then place them on a sprouting pan or in a jar protected with gauze. The crop is set on the windowsill, however, not in direct sunlight. The only thing we must remember is regular irrigation, preferably twice a day. Chickpea sprouts will be suitable for consumption after 3-5 days.

Each pack contains 30 g organic seeds for sprouts - Chickpeas - certified organic seeds.
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