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300 seeds Large-leaved Siberian Larkspur - Blue

300 seeds Large-leaved Siberian Larkspur - Blue

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Large-leaved Siberian Larkspur - Delphinium grandiflorum is an extremely elegant and impressive perennial. It creates extremely beautiful and eye-catching ear inflorescences, composed of large numbers of small flowers. Flowers with an intense blue color develop for long weeks, from late spring to the end of summer. This larkspur reaches a height of about 50 cm, it does not require support. These unusual plants will bring to your garden such a rare blue color among flowers. Ostróżka will be perfect for a high perennial discount. It is worth planting it among plants with pink and white flowers, for example, by a fence or a house wall. It is also perfect for cut flowers, it will stay fresh for up to two weeks in a vase.We sow spring seeds in our online store indoors or in the garden. The young plant is not harmed by spring chills, and emergence at 15 ° C lasts about 2-3 weeks. Larkspur best grows on loamy-sandy soils, rich in nutrients, moist and permeable. Planted in a sunny position, it will bloom profusely, and the inflorescences will be very magnificent.

Each pack contains 0.5 g of seeds

Delphinium grandiflorum

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