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50 Mimosa seeds

50 Mimosa seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Mimosa is a perennial potted plant with small flowers gathered in spherical heads and small, feathery leaves that close together when touched. Sowing seeds for pots should be dealt with in early spring, at the turn of March and April. A dozen or so days will bring plant emergence. As the mimosa gradually increases, the pot should be replaced with a larger one. In our climate, it is found only as an annual plant. For growing plants, choose a position that will not be exposed to direct sunlight - it should be slightly shaded. In terms of soil, mimosa has no special preferences and will grow on any type of soil, it must only be rich in humus and concise. The plant cannot cope with frosts, temperature drops below a dozen or so degrees carry the risk of stunting. Its use is limited to decorative issues. As a rule, it only fully displays its qualities indoors, due to its sensitivity to low temperatures. However, this does not prevent her from fulfilling her role - by using the charm of her flowers, it has a positive effect on the nature of the interior, creating a unique atmosphere and forcing those passing by to reflect. When we add to this relatively easy cultivation, we will receive a unique specimen that will adapt perfectly to any type of room and will beautifully highlight its uniqueness.

The package contains 0.2 grams or 50 seeds.

Mimosa pudica

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