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200 seeds PINK Petunia Seeds

200 seeds PINK Petunia Seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.

The beautiful Petunia, showered with hundreds of charming, funnel-shaped flowers, is a valuable decoration of a tall flower pot, balcony box or hanging basket with flowers. This annual plant reaches a height of 40-50 cm, and its thin shoots decoratively spread sideways and hang over the edges of the containers. The intensely purple color of the flowers contrasts beautifully with the green, hairy, elliptical leaves. A huge advantage of the presented species is the abundance and length of its flowering, which extends to all summer months - from June to the end of September, and even to mid-October. Plants are sown in early spring at home or in a heated greenhouse. We transfer the specimens to the pots or to discounts after May 15. Petunia will bloom very nicely on any average garden soil, not rich in nitrogen and well-drained. He loves the sun and tolerates transient drought well, but due to the tenderness of his beautiful flowers, he requires protection against rain and strong wind.

The packaging contains 0.1 g of seeds.

Around 200 seeds. 

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