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Abutilon Bella Mixed Colors 20 seeds

Abutilon Bella Mixed Colors 20 seeds

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This is an attractive, small shrub native to South America, reaching up to one meter in height. Its characteristic feature are bell-shaped, white, yellow or yellow-red flowers in various shades, set on long stalks. It owes its name to the shape of the leaves, which are somewhat similar to maple leaves. The optimal time for sowing seeds into pots indoors will be from February to June, or at the turn of August and September. The position that the plant requires of us is a partially shaded place with fertile and moist soil. The plant cannot cope with low temperatures, so in our climate its cultivation is limited only to closed rooms. Only in summer it is possible to put a room clone in the garden, on the balcony or terrace. The flowering of the peace maple is exceptionally abundant and falls in the period from June to October. It is used as a potted plant for interior decoration, it is also used on terraces, on balconies and when creating colorful garden groups. It is very easy to grow and has no exorbitant environmental requirements. It's the perfect gift idea for someone who is just starting their adventure with plants and has no experience in this matter - high decorative values, fast growth and no need for intensive care will surely appeal to the recipient!

The package contains 0.1 grams or around 20 seeds

Abutilon hybridum

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