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Adam F1 Tomato 50 Seeds

Adam F1 Tomato 50 Seeds

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The tall tomato Adam F1 (Solanum lycopersicum) is one of the resistant and problem-free hybrid varieties recommended for storage. The plant with a continuous type of growth produces hard, firm, red fruits, spherical or slightly flattened in shape and weighing 130-150 g. Tomatoes are suitable for harvesting from the turn of July and August to September. They withstand transport very well and, moreover, do not tend to break. You can even harvest green fruit that will ripen perfectly in your home or cellar.We obtain thermophilic tomatoes from seedlings, produced in the inspection, in a mini-pot or under covers from mid-March to mid-April. Seedlings with a few true leaves should be transferred to the ground in May. Adam F1 is resistant to diseases and temperature fluctuations, therefore it is recommended for cultivation without cover - the plants only need humus, permeable and moderately moist soil, access to the sun and staking. The fruits obtained from them are perfect for direct consumption and for preserves, and ripe tomatoes can be stored for up to a month. They are rich in provitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, and low in calories.

Each package contains 0.2 g of Adam F1 high tomato seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Solanum lycopersicum

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