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African Marigold Kilimanjaro 30 seeds

African Marigold Kilimanjaro 30 seeds

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The African Marigold is a variety with an exceptionally large and decorative inflorescence, whose single, yellow flowers proudly bend towards the center of the basket. Sowing its seeds under cover in April, planting in a permanent place takes place after the morning frosts are over. Grown marigolds feel good having full access to the sun. These flowers can also tolerate a partially shaded area. The soil in which their cultivation is most likely to be successful should be permeable, fertile and moderately moist. This species will endure longer periods of water scarcity better. The plant is not resistant to negative temperatures. It will also be a very good idea to supplement rustic gardens with it. Thanks to the very simple cultivation and the lack of excessive expectations towards the environment, the plant is readily purchased and is commonly found in many gardens. However, its popularity does not mean that it is trivial - having these brings the chance to create unique compositions.

The package contains 0.3 grams of seeds which is about 30 seeds.

Tagetes erecta

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