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Alpine Forget-Me-Not Flower 500 seeds

Alpine Forget-Me-Not Flower 500 seeds

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Alpine forget-me-not is a small, two-year-old plant that can be approx. 15 - 25 cm tall. Its flowering period is from May to July. It is used, among others, for planting flower beds, borders, rock gardens, for cut flowers and for cultivation in containers. Its characteristic feature are five-petalled blue flowers covering the tops of the stems. However, before it comes between us, it should be properly taken care of. The preferred position for the forget-me-not is a slightly shaded place with well-drained soil. The plant is not influenced in any way by the soil moisture. As for frost resistance, they are able to withstand even very negative temperatures. Forget-me-not is an extremely popular plant, and compositions composed of varieties of different colors are particularly appreciated. The balconies and terraces decorated with it look simply amazing during the peak flowering period. Forget-me-nots like the company of water bodies and they present themselves very splendidly with them. They can also be planted directly on the lawn, seemingly without harmony, and yet their uniqueness will catch the eye and give the impression that everything is part of a larger plan. The Alpine Forget-me-not is an ideal position for all those who dream of a unique view and who appreciate classic, proven solutions.

This package contains 0.3g of seeds which is about 500 seeds.

Myosotis Sylvatica

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