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Amaranth Tricolor 50 Seeds.

Amaranth Tricolor 50 Seeds.

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Amaranthus tricolor is a beautiful bushy annual plant with highly decorative leaves. The leaves are ovate or oval, 6-20 cm long, pointed, with red, pink, yellow or brown discoloration, often changing color in autumn. They are arched or fancifully bent. The flowers are inconspicuous, practically invisible, greenish, embedded in the axils of leaves clumped in spikes, appear from July to September. Plants reach a height of 140 cm. Tricolor amber is perfect as a solitaire. It can also be grown in flowerbeds, for creating multi-species groups, as well as for planting several pieces or singly between trees and shrubs. It is very often used in floristry as greenery and dry bouquets, because the dried shoots with inflorescences retain their color.

Finesse amaranth seeds are sown in April-May directly into the ground, with a spacing of 20 x 40 cm. Light, calcareous, humus and medium-compact soils, and a sunny, warm and sheltered position are best for growing amaranth.

The package contains 0.2 g of seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Amaranthus tricolor
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