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Annual Phlox Mixed Colors 100 seeds

Annual Phlox Mixed Colors 100 seeds

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Annual Phlox is a plant perfect for the foreground of the summer bed. Small (20-30 cm high), lush, raised bouquets also look very nice in the form of a border against the background of higher species with more magnificent flowers, such as zinnia or dahlias, or in the vicinity of lavender with spiky inflorescences. Our store offers a mixture of Drummond phlox seeds with white, pink, purple and red flowering flowers, including two-color ones, e.g. with dark pink flowers with white spots in the middle. Quite small, very numerous, flat flame flowers develop from June to September.From mid-April, the possibility of sowing its seeds directly into the ground makes the cultivation of phlox easier. The seedlings are produced in March, under covers or in an apartment, e.g. in a mini-glasshouse. The plants can be moved to a permanent place in mid-May. In order to achieve the most beautiful results, it is recommended to cultivate in a fairly high density (spacing 20-30 x 40 cm). Flames love the sun and need a fairly moist, humus-rich and medium-compact soil.

The package contains 0.5 g of seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Phlox Drummondii Cuspidata Nana

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