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Arabic Coffee Seeds Plant

Arabic Coffee Seeds Plant

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The predecessor of Arabic coffee (Coffea arabica) is the Ethiopian province of Koffa. Hence the name of this amazing plant. Her values ​​were known thanks to grazing goats, who were eager to gnaw the leaves of the coffee tree. Coffee reached Europe thanks to the Arabs, from where it was popularized all over the world. She made her greatest career in Brazil, where she arrived illegally, smuggled on a merchant ship. Currently, the largest coffee plantations are located there.Arabic coffee can be successfully grown in the apartment as a potted plant. Is an extremely decorative plant. Reaches nearly 2 m in height. It has beautiful, notched, dark green and shiny leaves. In the summer, flower buds appear in the leaf axils, from which small, star-shaped, snow-white and pleasantly fragrant flowers develop. Bright red fruit with 2 coffee beans will develop from the flowers. The fruit stays on the plant for 3-6 months, gradually discoloring as it ripens. They are an additional decoration of the plant. Often, flowers and fruits are found on the plant simultaneously. The coffee tree blooms and bears fruit in the third year of cultivation! And from a 10-year-old plant you can collect up to 1.5 kg of coffee beans! Harvested beans are cleaned of pulp and dried, then roasted in a pan and ground.Arabian coffee seeds can be sown throughout the year. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked for 24 hours in lukewarm water, and then the outer thin skin is removed. The seeds are placed in moist sand, gently pushing. Containers with sown seeds are placed in a bright and warm (22-26 ° C) place. Seeds germinate irregularly from several days to several weeks. Well grown seedlings are quilted into separate pots filled with compost soil. Coffee is best grown next to the east window in a well drained pot. Do not place a coffee pot on the windowsill of the south window and near the radiator. In the autumn-winter period, the plant is moved to a cool room (approx. 16 ° C). Every two weeks, from March to September, the plant is fertilized with biohumus. Arabian coffee should be watered regularly, using water will stand at room temperature.

The package contains 5 Arabian coffee seeds

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