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Arktotis, Bear's Ear mixed colors 300 seeds

Arktotis, Bear's Ear mixed colors 300 seeds

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Arktotis, bear's ear (Arctotis x hybrida) is a charming, colorful annual plant, producing flowers in the second half of summer and early fall. It is characterized by a tuft habit and not very large dimensions (approx. 40 cm high with a similar width). Its basket inflorescences, resembling exceptionally magnificent daisies, take the color of white, cream, yellow, orange, pink or red in various shades. The flower centers are usually darker than the petals, which creates an interesting contrast.

We get joyfully colorful flowers in a sunny bed and in any substrate, as long as it is properly permeable and not too poor. It is worth creating arktotis compositions with species with full flowers, e.g. single and multi-colored zinnia, asters and celosia. Sowing is recommended to be carried out in March under covers or at home in a mini-camp. The seedlings with three pairs of true leaves are transferred to the ground in May, after late frosts have passed, in quite high density (optimal spacing: 25 x 30 cm).

The package contains 0.5 g of arktotis seeds, around 300 seeds.

Arctotis x hybrida
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