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Aromatic Spearmint 100 seeds

Aromatic Spearmint 100 seeds

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The wonderfully aromatic spearmint can be grown at home or in the garden. The plant grows to a height of 60 cm and its branched, strong stems are decorated with leaves with a strong aroma. The leaves, quite impressive and oval in shape, have a light green color, finely toothed edges and delicately wrinkled leaf blades. The most valuable herbal and spice raw material will be obtained if we collect them before flowering, which takes place at the beginning of summer. It is worth adding fresh leaves to chilled drinks and desserts, and after drying, you can brew them with calming teas, also irreplaceable in digestive ailments.Green mint needs a sunny position, which, however, should not be strongly sunlit throughout the day. It grows well in slightly moist soil and rich in organic matter. The substrate should in this case be neutral towards alkaline. The plant is fully winter hardy, very viable and easily multiplies by cuttings.

The package contains 0.1 g or around 100 seeds

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