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Artichoke 20 Seeds

Artichoke 20 Seeds

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Artichoke Vert De Provence - a low-calorie, health-promoting vegetable (Cynara scolymus) is an unusual vegetable and an ornamental plant at the same time. The plant is quite large and forms dense rosettes of leaves that can be up to 180 cm in diameter. The flowers appear a few at the top of the inflorescence shoot, which can be up to 200 m high. The edible part of the artichoke is the fleshy flower bottom of the undeveloped inflorescence and the thick base of the leaves of the flower basket cover. In the herbal industry, artichoke leaves and herb are additionally used. Cynarin, a bitter-tasting substance present in artichoke, is valued for its choleretic effect, lowers blood cholesterol, strengthens and regenerates the liver. However, the polyphenols contained in it reduce the risk of cancer and have antioxidant properties. This plant is valued not only for its attractive appearance, but above all for its enormous health-promoting properties.Artichoke belongs to thermophilic plants, so it is best to choose a sunny, warm and sheltered place for its cultivation. It is not fully resistant to negative temperatures. The soil should be fertile, rich in calcium compounds and humus parts. Its pH may be neutral or slightly alkaline, but it should not fall below pH 6.5. It is important to have a fair amount of moisture in the substrate, because with sufficient water, the artichoke forms very impressive flower baskets. Artichoke seeds are sown in February in a foil tunnel or on a seedbed. We plant the seedlings permanently in the second half of May, when the risk of the last spring frosts has passed. We plant the plants at least 100 cm apart. Flower buds are harvested at the turn of September and October.

Each package contains 1 g of Vert De Provence artichoke seeds which is about 20 seeds

Cynara scolymus

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