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Aster Alpinus 100 Seeds

Aster Alpinus 100 Seeds

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Alpine Aster - a mixture (Aster alpinus) is a perennial that is easy to grow, recommended for flower beds and rock gardens. This small plant develops numerous branching shoots that form the shape of an extensive, rather loose tuft. Their entire length is covered with elongated, dark green, lanceolate leaves, and their tops are decorated with flat, single flowers, reminiscent of a meadow daisy. Our mix of varieties includes asters that bloom in white, pink, purple and various intermediate shades.

The seeds offered in our store should be sown in an unheated inspection or on a seedbed in May. By September, we should have a strong seedling that can be planted at the destination. Asters like the sun, but they don't mind partial shade either. They are tolerant of soil pH, it is only important that the substrate is quite compact and not too dry. Perennials respond very well to compost feeding. They bloom every year in May and June, blending beautifully with other late spring perennials such as forget-me-not, sunflower, alpine goose and saxifrage.

The package contains 0.5g of seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Aster alpinus
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