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Aster Chrysanthemum Mixed Colors 50 Flower Seeds, fresh, easy to grow

Aster Chrysanthemum Mixed Colors 50 Flower Seeds, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
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Chrysanthemum aster - a mixture is a composition of one-year chrysanthemum asters, which reach a height of about 50 - 70 cm. They are characterized by large, full inflorescences located on long, stiff shoots. Chrysanthemum flowers are colorful, the mixture contains seeds of several varieties, so we can expect the appearance of various colors. The turn of March and April is the time when seeds should be sown on a seedbed or under covers. However, planting the flowerbeds should take place in May. In order to achieve undisturbed growth and development of the plant, it is necessary to provide a sunny position with fertile soil. In addition, the substrate should tend to retain moisture as chrysanthemum aster fails or during periods of water scarcity. Temperature fluctuations and their rapid drops are not terrible for this species, but in case of negative temperatures, the aster will not survive in the ground, its development will be inhibited. Flowering is in the period from July to October. Chrysanthemum asters are used, among others, for cut flowers and flower beds. Based on the colors of the chrysanthemum astra, it is possible to create unique compositions and combinations with other plants. Stocking up on seeds of this mixture will certainly allow us to enjoy the breath of freshness that they will bring to our garden.

The package contains 1 gram of seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Callistephus chinensis fl. pl.

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