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Avalon white onion 300 seeds

Avalon white onion 300 seeds

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Avalon white onion (Allium cepa) belongs to the group of sought after varieties with a pure white husk and an unusually mild taste. The plant develops quite large, spherical onions with a mass of approx. 115 g, recommended for direct consumption on sandwiches, salads, salads and cottage cheese. Crops obtained from it are also characterized by high storage value.The proposed variety is grown from spring sowing directly to a permanent place. It is recommended to choose a position with fertile soil, fertilized compost or manure (in the year preceding cultivation, and on rich soils of higher quality - two years before cultivation). The soil should have a permeable structure and not show a tendency to dry quickly. Good-looking white bulbs can be harvested from June to September, depending on the sowing date. Juicy, crunchy Avalon onion shells contain healthy sugars, protein and a full set of the most important vitamins, micro- and macroelements.

Each pack contains 3 g of bulb onion, about 300 seeds

Allium cepa

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