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Aztec Marigold 60 seeds

Aztec Marigold 60 seeds

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Tagetes - the queen of annual plants. There is no gardener who does not have these flowers at least once. Why? Because the practical marigold has no disadvantages. It grows in almost any conditions, blooms until the first frost, is disease-resistant, drought-resistant, repels pests - these are the main advantages of these flowers. Students, rubbish, bulls are some of the local names that this species has acquired.

One of the members of this family is the marigold erect (sublime). We offer you a seed mix of this kind. It is the highest among the marigolds. Its stiff stems reach a height of up to one meter. Clumpy habit, strongly developed. At the top of the stiff peduncle, flowers grow, made of crimped petals, resembling carnations. The colors of the pomegranate inflorescences are pure and very saturated.
Very resistant to drought, it needs water only in dry summers, although regular doses will contribute to mass flowering. When growing tagetes, almost no agrotechnical measures are needed. It is an ideal flower for busy and forgetful people. The topping (trimming of the main stem just behind the flower) of the raised marigold bush stimulates it to produce new shoots, and on them flowers. The flowering season begins in June and lasts until October.

Tagetes erected will be useful wherever you need tall, fast-growing annual plants. The perennial bed will be even more charming if we decorate its back ends with a mixture of these flowers shimmering with gold. We might as well sow them alone as a lonely group of tall plants. They will match with other species of annual plants when creating multi-species flower beds. Used for urban greenery due to their resistance, they please the eyes with joyful colors. If we are insensitive to the characteristic scent of marigolds, they are a fantastic cut flower that stays fresh for up to two weeks. The tagetes is erected with long stems, it is perfect for this purpose. It can be used in the kitchen, for decorating dishes and as an ingredient of salads. In addition to numerous aesthetic values, the marigold, due to the essential oils it secures, is a weapon against many pests. Aphids, ants, moles and soil nematodes do not like it. It has a limiting effect on the growth of some weeds.

Contains 0.3 grams or around 60 seeds. Cream or off withe color

Tagetes erecta
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