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Baby's Breath Flower (Gypsophila) 200 seeds.

Baby's Breath Flower (Gypsophila) 200 seeds.

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Gypsophila elegant (Gypsophila elegans) is a wonderful annual plant, blooming with hundreds of tiny flowers with a diameter not exceeding 2 cm. Its thin, delicate but stiff shoots reach up to 50 cm in length and branch very strongly, creating large, large clumps. The grayish-green, lanceolate leaves of gypsophila also serve as decoration.Sowing seeds directly into the ground is carried out in spring. Snow-white flower cushions will look best in a small spacing of 15 x 20 cm. The elegant gypsophila requires fertile, humus-rich, light soil and plenty of sunlight to flower abundantly. This species is ideal for low and high flower beds - it looks beautiful in arrangements with both plants with large, vividly colored flowers (asters, zinnia, variable dahlias, sunflowers) and dwarfs (marigolds, marigolds or helpless flowers). You can also cut its shoots to make dry and fresh bouquets, which will add lightness and elegance. An additional advantage of gypsophila is that it blooms for a very long time (from June to August).

Each package contains 0.5 g of elegant white gypsophila seeds.

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