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Balsam Dwarf Mixed Colors 50 seeds

Balsam Dwarf Mixed Colors 50 seeds

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Dwarf camellia balsamina (Impatiens balsmina fl. Pl.) Is an annual garden plant for cultivation in soil and containers. Fleshy stems with strong branches growing up to 40-70 cm are covered with lanceolate leaves. Their surface is dark green, shiny and the edges are finished with tiny teeth. The attraction of the plant are numerous flowers mounted in the company of leaves on the stems. They are characterized by pastel colors. White, pink, coral and purple flowers of varying intensity are visible from a distance. Large and flat, they stay on the plant for a long time. Camellia balsamin effectively decorates the garden in flower beds and flower beds. It is extremely decorative in containers. It is perfect for arranging a balcony or terrace.The seeds of the presented species are sown in early spring in March - April in heated rooms or in May in a permanent place, into the ground. The plant spacing is 25 x 40 cm. Flowering begins in July and continues throughout summer and early fall. Requires constant substrate moisture. Besides, it must be fertile and permeable. It tolerates the sun perfectly, it does well in slightly shaded places.

The package contains 0.5 grams of Dwarf Camellia seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Impatiens Balsamina Fl. Pl.

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