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Beautiful Manchurian Pipevine 5 seeds

Beautiful Manchurian Pipevine 5 seeds

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It is an unusual plant, completely frost-resistant in our climate, originating from South America, with extraordinary huge flowers, the size of a hand, of unusual cosmic beauty and unusual behavior. The plant lures and kills insects. Kokornak flowers are trap flowers. The flower attracts insects with its scent emitted from the bottom of the cup, the cup is covered with hairs pointing downwards, which prevents the insect from escaping, thus the plant forces insects to pollinate. Aristolochia reaches a height of 10 m. Blooms profusely, flowers are light green-purple with a brown collar with a yellow-orange throat, develop at the turn of May / June, the fruit resembles a cucumber 6-10 cm long. Another decoration are large heart-shaped leaves, up to 40 cm in autumn, turning yellow. The arachnid requires solid supports or a pergola. Due to the huge amount of leaves arranged in a tile pattern, it perfectly covers the fence, it looks decorative when climbing up poles, ropes and trees. In winter, its decoration is green, leafless, twisted shoots.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round, sow seeds in boxes / pots, water the sowing and set aside in a warm place.

This package contains 5 seeds

Aristolochia manshuriensis

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