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Beautiful Marvel of Peru 30 seeds

Beautiful Marvel of Peru 30 seeds

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The Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa) is a short-lived perennial, although it is often grown as an annual. Plants have an erect habit and branch well. They grow up to a height of about 50-70 cm. Bell-shaped flowers appear in mid-summer and flowering lasts until fall. They open in the early afternoon and fade in the morning of the next day. The flowers, although short-lived, delight with an interesting, mixed or striped color. They come in many intense colors and smell nice. Marvel of Peru looks best when planted in larger groups, whether in flower beds or flower beds. It can be planted in containers decorating a balcony or terrace, or grown in a greenhouse or orangery.

We plant weird seedlings in the spring after the frosts have passed. Plants will grow best in nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. The substrate should be fairly light, but also keep a constant humidity well. Marvel of Peru prefers secluded, warm and sunny positions. The plants do not winter in the ground, we dig out the tubers before the autumn frosts come and store them, just like dahlias, in a ventilated and frost-free place.

Package contains 2 grams or around 30 seeds

Mirabilis jalapa
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