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Bees Attracting Flower Mix 500 seeds

Bees Attracting Flower Mix 500 seeds

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A mixture that attracts bees - Bee Happy mix is ​​a specially developed set of seeds that, sown in the garden, will effectively tempt pollinating insects to visit our garden or plot. The multi-species composition of flowers and herbs with an admixture of wild plants will be a perfect complement to the garden, especially in the naturalistic and country style. A mixture that attracts bees is a great way to create rainbow colors and unforgettable aromas. It is also one of the longest-flowering garden compositions. The mixture attracting bees is suitable for sowing in flower beds and in undeveloped places.A mixture that attracts bees - Bee Happy mix is ​​a carefully selected 25 species: field cockle, seaside bee, dill, dill, common passage, borage, marigold, cornflower, goldenrod, cosmos, thistle, Moldavian beekeeper, European Echinacea, Goldfinch, Godetia, sunflower , women's evening wear, trefoil, mallow, black pepper, field poppy, phacelia, sage, yarrow, crochet.The seeds of the mixture are recommended for sunny places. The composition of the mixture does not require a special type of soil and grows well even in average soil. It does not require any special cultivation treatments.

Pocket contains 2 grams or 500 seeds of wild flowers

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