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Black Damascus 500 seeds MIX

Black Damascus 500 seeds MIX

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Black Damascus is a fast growing annual plant native to Africa, reaching a height of approx. 40-50 cm. It has feathery light green leaves. It is characterized by beautiful multi-petal flowers of white, pink and blue in various shades, which appear in the first half of July and keep us happy until the end of August. After blooming, decorative seed heads remain on the plant. The seeds are sown directly into the ground in spring, April or May. A suitable place for her will be a sunny position. The soil for the cultivation of black cumin does not play a significant role, it can be of any type. The plant is completely resistant to negative temperatures. Black Damascus is an excellent plant for bedding, cut flowers and dry bouquets. Flowerbeds enriched with this species will surely acquire a unique charm. In addition to the decorative qualities, it is also worth paying attention to the properties of its seeds - they are a great spice and show healing properties that were known about in antiquity. Their consumption supports the body's immunity, has a very good effect on the skin, has anti-carcinogenic properties, lowers blood pressure, and regulates sugar levels. These are only a few examples of their salutary influence, in order to fully understand all the benefits of cyclical consumption, it is recommended to buy and breed on your own.

The package contains 1 grams of seeds. Around 500 seeds. Mix colors.

Nigella damascena

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