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Black Sorghum 50 seeds

Black Sorghum 50 seeds

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Black sorghum is a unique, one-year grass with straight, stiff blades, initially finished with green, and then dark brown, dense, inflorescence 10-15 cm long. The plant can reach from about 100 to even 150 cm in height. Its seeds should be sown at the turn of April and May directly into the ground. The optimal position for black sorghum will be a fully sunny, warm place with well-drained and moderately fertile soil. The plant is not able to withstand in the winter soil due to high intolerance to negative temperatures. The flowering period of black sorghum falls in the summer months, starting from July and ending with the first autumn days. Her panicles with black, large, shimmering kernels look great at discounts, and after cutting in live and dry compositions. Sorghum also creates interesting combinations with other plants, including ornamental grasses. The plant is in favor of its low environmental requirements and simplicity in cultivation, thanks to which even an inexperienced person can handle it successfully. So if you want to decorate your property with a beautiful, decorative plant, which in addition will not need excessive attention on your part, black sorghum is the perfect solution in this situation!The package contains 1 gram of seeds. These are sold in very good condition and do not contain oil, pesticides, nor fungicides. Seed packet of "Black Sorghum".

Pocket contains 1 gram, around 50 seeds

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