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Blue Eryngo 200 seeds

Blue Eryngo 200 seeds

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Belonging to the numerous genus Eryngium, i.e. St. Nicholas from the celery family, St. Nicholas is an easy and attractive perennial plant. Occurring in natural habitats in Poland, along the main rivers, St. Nicholas' Day is perfect as an ornamental plant in the garden. The above-ground part of this perennial is a large rosette of green leaves mounted on stiff petioles. The undivided, ovate leaf blades change their appearance with height - they become sharply serrated when sitting on the stem. The blue color of the whole plant is a characteristic and at the same time the greatest advantage. Leaves, stems and, above all, flowers have a silver-blue color. This shade is caused by the presence of a waxy coating. High, branched inflorescence shoots end with spherical, intensely blue, small flowers. The numerous flower heads are surrounded by collars of spiky gills, called bracts. Very eagerly visited by pollinating insects such as bees, bumblebees, butterflies and flies, which makes it a honey plant. The flat-leaved St. Nicholas has very low habitat requirements. Likes sunny places. It can withstand drought and high frosts without damage. Not popular in Polish gardens. This original plant is a great proposition for a naturalistic garden. A sea color in the back of a perennial bed or a rock garden. Liked by florists as a floristic addition to both fresh and dry flower bouquets. Its bluish-blue shoots will present their charm fantastically among commoners, goldenrod, rudbeckia and echinacea. We encourage you to plant this easy-to-grow plant in your garden.The package contains 0.3 g Eryngium planum

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