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Blue Fescue Grass Blue 50 seeds

Blue Fescue Grass Blue 50 seeds

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Blue fescue originating from the Alps is one of the most beautiful perennial ornamental grasses. Forms low, compact, spherical clumps of blue-green, rigid leaves about 20-25 cm high. At the turn of May and June, clumps of blue-blue stems grow out of silvery inflorescences. The grass also has a decorative function in winter, when the blue-clumps contrast beautifully with the white color of the snow. Fescue blue fits perfectly with other plants on low beds and in rock gardens. It can also be used as a surround plant and used to create free compositions. It is worth attention in particular in the company of other growing perennials. This species is referred to as one of the more decorative fescue. For the proper growth of the fescue we should take care of the position, which its structure will coincide with its requirements. In order for it to develop unhindered, it should be provided with a fully sunny place with well-drained soil, but not rich in nutrients. The plant does not belong to the species that are terrible at frost - on the contrary, it is highly resistant to freezing temperatures and certainly winter without any problems in the ground without the need for any cover. With the passage of time, the fescue gradually grows, an additional plus is its long life.


The package contains 0.2 grams of seeds.

Festuca glauca

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