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Bluecrown Passionflower 50 seeds

Bluecrown Passionflower 50 seeds

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Blue passion flower, also known as the passion flower or the flower of the Passion, is one of the most beautiful flowering pot vines. Its large, original flowers and fruit bring a hint of exoticism to the apartment, on the balcony, terrace or in the winter garden.Latin name: Passiflora caerulea, syn. P. chinensis, son. P mayana.Life form: perennial.Habit: passion flower is an evergreen climber.Height: the shoots of the presented plant can reach up to 10 m in length. However, this species tolerates pruning well.Foliage: Passion flower produces rather large, palm-shaped green leaves.Flowering period: passion flower blooms in the second half of summer, i.e. from August to September.Flower type: Passion flower flowers cannot be confused with any other species. They reach 10 cm in diameter and consist of 5 wide, elongated sepals and 5 petals of the same shape. The stately stamens and necks of the pistil are framed by a cap of colored, cross-brindle threads.Flower color: the outer sepals and petals are white with pink or purple tinges. The stamens are yellow-green, the necks of the pistils are dark purple, and the caps are purple-white-blue.Fruits: in addition to the undoubtedly ornamental flowers, blue passion fruit produces luscious orange fruit, ovoid shape and 7-8 cm long.Position: passion flower requires a bright, airy position, high air humidity and high temperature (20-25 ° C in summer, 10 ° C in winter). In order to keep the plant in good condition and ensure its optimal conditions for flowering and fruiting, the substrate should be of good quality - it should be drained and constantly moist.Frost resistance: Passion flower comes from the tropical regions of South America, so it is not resistant to autumn and winter cold. Outside of closed rooms, it can only be grown in summer.Application: this intriguing, exotic plant is perfect for growing in a pot with a stand on which she can climb. It will be an interesting decoration for an apartment, greenhouse or winter garden. From June to September, he can stay on the balcony, terrace or in the garden - then it will bloom most profusely.

The package contains 0.2 g or around 50 seeds

Passionflora coerulea

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