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Briza Maxima 100 seeds

Briza Maxima 100 seeds

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Greater quaking grass is a grass with extremely decorative panicles, usually consisting of a dozen or so ears, which reaches a height of 20 to 40 cm. The ears are heart-shaped. Straw-yellow hearts, up to 1.5 centimeters long, give unique lightness to flower beds planted with larger shrubbery, as well as to dry bouquets and flower arrangements made of it. At the turn of April and May, the seeds should be sown directly into the ground. The most suitable position for the cultivation of quiver is a place with full access to the sun. The soil for cultivation should be permeable as well as fertile and moderately moist. The greater quaking grass is not resistant to negative temperatures. The wide use of the plant allows it to be adapted to any type of garden. Thanks to it, it will gain naturalness. It also looks very good when planted in containers and pots. The undoubted advantages of the plant include the low expenditure of time and energy needed to grow it - the quiver is not demanding on us, and it is not picky when it comes to the environment. This results in the possibility of cultivation not only by specialists, but also by people who do not deal with ornamental grasses on a daily basis.

The package contains 1 gram or about 100 seeds.

Briza maxima
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