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Budleja Flower Mixed Colors 20 Seeds

Budleja Flower Mixed Colors 20 Seeds

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Budleja is a shrubby plant with small, fragrant, multicolored flowers gathered in magnificent spikes, reaching a height of 1.2 to even 2 m. Its flowering period is from July to October. Budleja appears as a perennial. It is mainly grown for clusters of small, often fragrant flowers. For proper development, it is necessary to provide her with an appropriate position. In the case of budlei, it will be a fully sunlit place, free from harmful wind activity, with fertile, well-drained soil. Sowing seeds should be carried out in boxes in the period from March to May. The preferred seedling for permanent planting is about 1m. The plant is fully frost-resistant and will certainly cope with winter in our climate. Budleja is a honey plant with a pleasant smell. For this reason, it is often visited by insects. It is used for planting high perennial beds, for groups of plants on lawns and for cut flowers. It is sometimes planted in containers and placed on terraces or balconies. The best effect, however, will be achieved by allocating its independent place in the garden - as a solitaire, budleja looks exceptionally great, and without the company of other species, it will fully give us its charms.

The package contains 0.01 grams of seeds which is about 20 seeds.

Buddleja davidii
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