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Butter Lettuce Michalina 100 Seeds

Butter Lettuce Michalina 100 Seeds

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Michalina butter lettuce - creates large, light green heads (Lactuca sativa) - is one of the best varieties for cultivation in summer in the ground and under cover. It forms large, oval, very delicate in taste leaves with a soft, slightly bubble-like surface and an appetizing, juicy green color. The leaves fold into fairly tight, well-formed heads, good-looking and easy to pick up. Fresh leaves of butter lettuce, very popular because of its delicious, mild taste, provide the body with few calories, while demonstrating de-acidifying properties. They are full of vitamins, especially provitamin A and vitamin C, and mineral salts.You can start sowing Michalina butter lettuce under covers in early spring and spring. Direct sowing into the ground is also recommended in spring and mid-summer. Regardless of whether we produce seedlings or sow immediately to the target site, the plant will require light and sufficient moisture. Michalina works best on moderately compact, well-drained humus soils. The perfect leaves for sandwiches and salads can be harvested as needed from May to September, depending on the date and method of cultivation.

Each package contains 1 g of Michalina butter lettuce seeds which is about 100 Seeds.

Lactuca sativa

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