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California Wonder Pepper 50 seeds

California Wonder Pepper 50 seeds

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California Wonder - sweet red pepper (Capsicum annuum) is an easy-to-grow variety that does not require pruning or the use of supports. The vigorous plants that derive from it produce medium-sized fruit, even, block-shaped and rectangular in cross-section. Under their not very thick, shiny, red skin there is a sweet flesh of the same color. The walls are fleshy and crispy, excellent especially raw, although the offered variety also provides valuable raw material for home-made preserves and hot dishes, e.g. for stuffing.Sowing seeds under covers or in the apartment - preferably on sowing pallets and in boxes - is carried out in spring. Peppers need a constant, fairly high temperature and moderate humidity to germinate. Hardened seedlings can be moved in mid-May to a foil tunnel or to an exposed place in the ground - preferably located in a quiet corner of the garden. California Wonder peppers need plenty of sunlight and fertile, medium-compact soil rich in organic matter to develop numerous fruits rich in sugar and vitamin C. Depending on the cultivation method, the harvest will be possible from July to September.

Each package contains 0.5 g or about 50 seeds

Capsium Annum

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