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Canary Brain seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

Canary Brain seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
Flat rate shipping, no matter how many seeds you order.

All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.

Canary brain is an annual plant with a clump-like habit, reaching a height of about 70 - 90 cm. It is used for dry and fresh bouquets, for discounts and for planting in groups. The position where it will feel best is a sunny place with fertile, moderately moist soil, but it is not a necessary requirement - it will cope well with other types of ground. Its flowering falls from July to September. In terms of frost resistance, the plant does not show tolerance to negative temperatures. Its use is extremely wide. As an ornamental plant, it is often hosted in the garden and at discounts, it can also be placed away from other species to be able to fully admire its splendor. In addition, it creates wonderful compositions with other grasses. Canary brains are also grown for seeds, which are excellent feed for birds. If we add to this its somewhat exotic origin and appearance, modest requirements and extraordinary ease of cultivation, we will receive the perfect specimen for someone who would like to stock up on a unique, decorative specimen without putting too much energy in its cultivation. Canary brain is also a proven choice that an experienced gardener will not despise.

The package contains 1 gram of seeds.

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