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Cape Blue Lobelia - Reedis 200 seeds, non GMO

Cape Blue Lobelia - Reedis 200 seeds, non GMO

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Blue Cape Lobelia - Reedis (Lobelia erinus) is an extremely beautiful and universal plant that blooms continuously throughout the summer. This small, because it reaches a maximum height of 10-15 cm, forms dense, spherical tufts. They are decorated with small but numerous flowers of an intensely blue color. Low clumps, covered with a mass of blue flowers, will look great on flower beds, edges of flower beds, and will fill in empty spaces between other plants. Lobelia can also be used in compositions planted in containers and boxes.

Lobelia seeds available for sale in the online store are sown in early spring. We sow the seeds in boxes indoors, remember to water them regularly, but sparingly. After a few weeks, pluck the seedlings into small diameter pots or on pallets. The seedlings are ready to be planted after about 10-12 weeks. We move them to the garden in mid-May, when the risk of frost is over. Lobelia tolerates the sun well, but we need to provide plenty of water so that it does not dry out. It will grow well even in not very fertile soil, but it should be moist and well-drained. For better growth and beautiful flowering, it is worth removing faded flowers.

Each package contains 0.2 g or around 1000 seeds

Lobelia erinus

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