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Carnation Chabaud La France 50 seeds

Carnation Chabaud La France 50 seeds

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The garden carnation Chabaud is a flower known to everyone. This beauty, which comes from the regions of southern Europe, does not occur as a wild plant in our climate. However, it can often be found in flower shops and in flower beds. The group of carnations includes annual and biennial plants. Among the very large family with over three hundred representatives, we present the Szabo garden carnation.The Szabo garden carnation is an annual flower. Sown in March - April, for a warm inspection, after quilting, it will please the eye on the permanent site from the end of April. The flowering period is in the second half of August and lasts until October. He likes fertile ground and sunny positions.It is a plant that grows up to 40 - 50 cm tall, with stiff, blue-green stems and large flowers, which will certainly not go unnoticed. The characteristic "elbowed" shoot is decorated with flowers in yellow, salmon, pink, magenta, burgundy, carmine, and chocolate-cherry. An additional advantage is the sweet, spicy scent that they spread around them. The leaves are narrow, quite long, with sharp ends. The wax coating covering them gives them a gray-blue color, which makes them stand out against other plants. It is vigorous bush-forming. Sumptuous, full flowers with jagged edges are a typical feature of the Szabo carnation.A very wide range of colors makes the carnations reliable regulars of our discounts. For this reason they are very often grown as cut flowers. Their durability is an additional plus. The colorful composition of these flowers will surely last for many days in the vase. A discount composed of cloves, phloxes, lavender and roses is a perfect combination of colors and shapes. The Szabo garden carnation will be a fantastic flower for the back boundaries of rock gardens. Their beautiful, multi-colored flowers will also work well against the background of walls, fences and fences. We encourage you to buy a mixture of Szabo carnation seeds and the satisfaction that their cultivation will bring you, and a strong smell will welcome you when you walk past a clump of these plants.

Contains 0.2g or around 50 seeds

Dianthus caryophyllus chabaud

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