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Carrots Mixed Colors 400 Seeds

Carrots Mixed Colors 400 Seeds

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Carrots - a mixture of colorful varieties (Daucus carota) is a set thanks to which you will get a very diverse and colorful crop in your own garden. It is a very interesting alternative to the popular and well-known orange carrot. Among the varieties we can find those with white, cream, yellow, orange, red and even purple roots. They are characterized by a nice shape and intense color of the flesh and skin. This remarkable addition will enrich the visual and taste qualities of each dish. Certainly no one can resist this attractive and colorful carrot. It will be an excellent addition that will be perfect for decorating various dishes.The seed material offered for sale in our garden shop has been covered with special coatings, which ensures optimal conditions for its germination. This treatment also protects plants during emergence against diseases and soil pests. Carrot seeds are sown directly to the place where they are to grow. The optimal date for this is from April to June. The cultivation is carried out in a spacing of 30-40 x 3-5 cm, this will provide enough space for lush root growth. Carrots prefer fertile, nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.

There are 400 carrot seeds in each package

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