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Cauliflower Delta seeds

Cauliflower Delta seeds

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Cauliflower is an annual vegetable that belongs to the brassica family. It is a typically cultivated plant and has no forms in wild habitats, as in the case of many well-known vegetables. Various shapes and colors of cauliflower are available on the market to conjure up the real wonders of culinary art. Green, purple or yellow please the eye and encourage you to include it in your menu.

The most popular in cultivation is white cauliflower. Not everyone is aware that the cauliflower's edible part is its inflorescence, commonly called rose. The cauliflower plant will best grow in a sunny place and nutrient-rich soil. Among the wide range of our seeds, we are pleased to present the Early snowball X variety. The seeds of this variety are intended for medium early production. This is a typical variety for growing in the field, intended for harvest in the spring and summer, as well as in the autumn. Early snowball produces very tight, compact, snow-white roses. The leaves tightly cover the heads, which protects them from harmful conditions. Cauliflower is a vegetable that we can use in a variety of ways. Excellent for direct consumption alone or in the company of other vegetables. Salads, salads, vegetarian dishes are just a drop in the sea of ​​possibilities. Who of us did not eat at least once cooked roses covered in breadcrumbs? Abundant in macro and microelements, it encourages us to cook a tasty soup with the addition of fresh dill. In winter, it will delight as an ingredient in homemade pickles. Sensational as a cauliflower batter, it will disappear at a home party. Casseroles and cauliflower meatballs will be appreciated by our children. It is worth buying the seeds of this wonderful variety today and enjoy the crop from your own vegetable garden.

The package contains 1 gram of Early Snowball X cauliflower seeds
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