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Celery Root Denar 100 Seeds

Celery Root Denar 100 Seeds

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Root celery Denar (Apium graveolens) is a very fertile variety, classified as medium early, due to the relatively short growing season, it is recommended for an early harvest for bunches. Extremely versatile variety ideal for fresh consumption, preserves and storage. It is distinguished by large and shapely lumps with an even spherical shape. There is also white flesh under the white crust. It is hard and compact, does not show any tendency to darken or loose. Thanks to this, the Denar variety is perfect for preserves, the flesh does not change color and looks nice on a plate and in jars.Celery is grown only from seedlings. We prepare it in early spring under heated covers. Celery seeds are sown for a warm inspection or in boxes placed in a warm and bright room. Celery seedlings should not be planted until the second half of May, when the cold days and ground frosts are over. The best results are obtained from soil that is rich in humus, retains moisture well, but is not waterlogged. The optimal pH is between 6.5 and 7.Each package contains 0.5 g of Denar root celery seeds which is about 100 seedsApium graveolens

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