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Celery Root Maxim 100 Seeds

Celery Root Maxim 100 Seeds

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Celery Maxim (Apium graveolens) belongs to the varieties grown for the late, autumn harvest. Its main advantages are the fertility and high quality of the lumps, which are full, spherical in shape and rich in aromatic oils. The skin of the roots is creamy-brown in color, while the flesh is creamy-white in color, it is tasty, delicate and does not churn. Maxim celery roots provide vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, essential in autumn and winter.The seeds of the proposed variety are sown from early spring to late spring under covers, in mini-nurseries, frames or other glass-covered containers. The seedlings should be transferred to the ground after spring frosts have passed. Celery Maxim needs a fairly heavy soil, but not compacted or loose, rich in humus and constantly slightly moist, and not acidic at the same time. Its roots will be ready for harvest in the fall, from September to November. You can eat them after harvesting or for long storage, they are also great for frozen food.

Each package contains 1 g of Maxim celery seeds which is about 100 Seeds.

Apium graveolens

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