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Chantenay Carrot 1000 seeds

Chantenay Carrot 1000 seeds

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Chantenay carrots are one of the most valuable varieties. Its roots are very regular, about 14 cm long, conical in shape and uniformly colored in an intense orange color. For this reason, they have a high commercial value. The flesh is distinguished by its taste, it is quite hard and tasty, slightly sweet. The variety is often used for commercial cultivation, but is also suitable for home vegetable gardens. Produces strong dark green leaves.

Growing carrots is very simple. It is not necessary to make seedlings, it is enough to sow its seeds in rows, preferably in April or May. The most common harvest time is from July to October. Fall crops are suitable for storage. The variety is suitable for direct consumption and processing.

This package weighs 5 grams, and has about 1000 seeds.

Daucus carota
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