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Charentaise Sugar Melon 50 seeds

Charentaise Sugar Melon 50 seeds

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Charentaise sugar melon (Cucumis melo) has a great taste, which is due to the exceptionally high sugar content of the fruit. They are very large, oval in shape, slightly flattened. Under a thick, light green crust, marked with dark green veins, there is a soft, very juicy, sweet, aromatic orange flesh. The Charentaise sugar melon produces a typical dessert fruit, delicious in taste and visually attractive. Their flesh contains large amounts of vitamin C, as well as macro- and microelements, incl. calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Due to the relatively high thermal requirements of the offered plant, sowing its seeds is recommended to be carried out in spring under covers, e.g. in an unheated inspection area or in an apartment. It is also possible to grow melon from sowing directly to the destination in late spring. The seedlings are planted in the ground or under foil, in a warm, well-drained and humus-rich soil, preferably with a neutral pH. The substrate must not dry out, especially in the period of fruit growth, therefore the use of bedding and nonwovens brings excellent results. We collect juicy, full of flavor fruits from August to October.

Each package contains 3 g or around 50 seeds
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