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Chinese Tea (Thea Sinensis) 2 seeds

Chinese Tea (Thea Sinensis) 2 seeds

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Chinese Tea - Thea Sinensis 2 seeds 

Shrub up to 3 - 4 m high, native to Southeast Asia, China and India. It is a frost-resistant plant down to about - 6 ° C with thick evergreen leaves (they can be harvested all year round), small, white flowers, about 3 cm in diameter, with a large yellow center. The leaves are used to make green and black tea. The tea can be grown at home or in the garden with a gift that we will plant it in a quiet place in the garden and we will cover the plant well for the winter, tea can also be used for making miniature Bonsai trees. It is an undemanding species and at the same time rapidly growing.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round, soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours at 25 ° C, then plant the seeds into the garden soil to a depth of about 1 cm, water and set aside in a warm place.

Pocket contains 2 seeds


Thea Sinensis

tea plant, tea shrub, tea tree

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